What are some signs that braces may be needed?

Posted on March 4, 2016

The need for orthodontics begins with a desire to straighten teeth and make smiles more beautiful, confident, and healthy.

Treatment is recommended when the bite is misaligned and doesn’t allow the teeth to come together in a position that is healthy for the teeth, gums, and bones around the teeth. A proper bite shouldn’t cause the teeth to wear unevenly or excessively. Orthodontists will also evaluate how crowded or spaced the teeth are and will check to make sure that the upper front teeth do not protrude excessively over the lower teeth. In children, they may look for finger or thumb sucking habits which can cause damage after the permanent teeth erupt at age 6-7. If someone has difficulty chewing or their jaw shifts to one side or another when biting together, then orthodontic treatment is certainly warranted.

At the free initial exam, we’ll evaluate your bite and the position of the teeth and you will be able to learn more about how we can help you achieve your smile goals.



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