Cardinal Orthodontics COVID-19 Update | April 14th, 2020

Posted on April 14, 2020

Cardinal Orthodontics Family,

I trust that all of you are staying well during this public health crisis. All of us at Cardinal Orthodontics have been busily working behind the scenes to prepare for reopening our offices so we can fulfill the treatment goals of all of you, our patients. I wanted to provide you with an update about what we have done and how we are preparing to reopen once the timing is appropriate. 

As you all know, the secret to our business is our wonderful people! I am continually amazed at how our team cares for each other and the patients and families we serve. The past couple of weeks required making many important decisions for our team members. I am proud to announce that we were able to avoid any furloughs or layoffs for our entire team! We wanted our team to worry less about their bills and expenses and focus more on their health and the wellbeing of their families. I strongly believed that figuring out a way to pay all of our team while we were not seeing patients secured the ongoing tradition of great employees at Cardinal Orthodontics. Keeping these talented employees allows us to provide you and your family with the outstanding orthodontic care you deserve. 

Many of you have questions about your orthodontic care, and how this pause in your treatment will affect your overall results. One of the realities of orthodontics is that most of the tooth movement happens outside of the office. Every patient has different situations unique to their mouth and their method of treatment, but most every patient should not expect any negative results from this pause in office visits. The overall treatment times should not be affected for most, as we strive to always finish patients early. My heart truly goes out to you that were expecting to get your braces or Invisalign completed during the past month! We had to cancel a significant number of removal appointments, and I am truly sorry that this best day of orthodontics had to be rescheduled! 

As we look toward the future and how we will begin seeing patients again, I ask for your patience. It will unfortunately be impossible to make everyone satisfied immediately, but I promise that we are going to work as hard as possible to get your appointments rescheduled in a timely way. We had to cancel hundreds of appointments and everyone will want that first appointment on the first day we are open. Of course this is physically impossible but please understand that we will do our best to see you in a timely manner! Please give us some grace during these next few weeks as we work to get everyone seen and on track with their treatment. 

When we do reopen our offices, we are dedicated to protecting the health of you and our team, but the scientific information on this topic is still not clear. We already follow the strictest of sterilization measures but the world has changed over the past month and recommendations on best practices are still being developed. 

We may have to make some changes that could include: 

  • Limiting the number of people present in the office at one particular time
  • Taking everyone’s temperature upon entering the office
  • Delaying an appointment for someone who is ill
  • Using new types of protective equipment

As we strive to get our patients seen as quickly as possible, we may possibly make some changes to our schedules for the first months that we are back open. No official changes have yet been decided but they could include: 

  • Opening earlier than 8 am or staying later than 5 pm
  • Opening some Saturdays to be more convenient for you to get appointments
  • Offering more video appointments, if necessary & appropriate

Stay tuned for more updates and know that we are doing our very best to accommodate you and your family while keeping you safe during this health crisis. 

Thanks to all of you for your trust in us and for being partners with us during these unusual times! 


James Galea 

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