How Much Do Braces Cost at Cardinal Orthodontics?

Posted on March 24, 2020

One of the most asked questions we get during a patient’s new exam appointment with our office is, “How much do braces cost?” While searching for the right orthodontic treatment, there are numerous aspects to look into and cost is definitely one of them.

The expense of treatment is a main consideration for most when trying to find the right orthodontist. It is essential to choose a practice that will not only work with your financial situation, but also provide you with quality orthodontic care. At Cardinal Orthodontics, we give high caliber orthodontic consideration at a moderate cost, with numerous installment alternatives to fit each patient’s spending limit. 

How much do braces cost at Cardinal Orthodontics?

At Cardinal, we have two main orthodontic treatment options: braces and Invisalign. If you decide to go with braces, we offer two types of brackets:

We are thrilled to offer all of these options at the same price, so your preference for treatment doesn’t come down to cost. The everyday price of orthodontic treatment ranges from practice to practice. Cardinal Orthodontics determines pricing based on how long a patient will be in treatment – every case is different! We can assure you that after your FREE new patient appointment, we will be able to quote you an accurate cost based on your unique situation.

What does the cost all include?

The expense for braces/Invisalign at our practice is an all-inclusive fee. What does this mean? The price you are quoted at your new patient exam appointment includes the following:

  • ALL appointments (this includes emergency appointments!)
  • Materials
  • X-rays
  • Retainers (yes, we offer FREE retainers for life!)

At Cardinal Orthodontics, we do not have any hidden fees, making it simple to stick to your budget.  Patients and parents will know their exact costs upfront, and how much they can expect to pay monthly if they choose to be set up on no-interest payment plans. Our main goal is to help our patients achieve the smile of their dreams- not stress about the finances.

Payment Options

We offer three different payment options to accommodate every patient and their families unique situation.

1) Payment in full.

This is complete payment upon the start of your orthodontic treatment. When you pay in full we will give you a 5% discount, which could mean hundreds of dollars off your total treatment fee!

2) Customizable Payment Plan

Once you find out how much braces will cost, our customizable payment plans will help you determine a monthly budget you can afford. This allows our patients to finance their treatment fee with 0% interest and no finance charges for up to 24 months. We do require at least a $300 down payment to participate in this zero interest option, but if you’d like your monthly payments to be lower, you can always put more money down. You will have the opportunity to utilize our financial slider to select a monthly payment that fits comfortably within your families budget!

3) Lending Point – Financing Option

If a patient would like to make less than a $300 down payment, or if they would like to finance longer than 24 months, we have a third party lending option you can apply for. However, interest does apply on this option. 

Schedule your free exam now!

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