Panoramic Dental X-rays in Orthodontics | Why They are Important

Posted on May 1, 2019

Panoramic dental x-rays are most commonly used by orthodontic specialists in the field of dentistry as a form of diagnostic records. It is a two dimensional image that plays an important role in the examination and diagnostic process. This particular type of digital image will show your orthodontist the following before starting you with braces or Invisalign:

  • Health levels of the upper and lower jaw bone
  • Root positioning of all teeth
  • Permanent tooth impactions (including wisdom teeth)
  • Accelerated gum disease
  • Cysts in the jaw bone
  • Jaw tumors and disorder
  • Oral cancer

At Cardinal Orthodontics, we use panoramic x-rays to aid us in properly diagnosing each individual patient. This also helps us determine the proper orthodontic treatment plan for the patient’s needs.


To learn more about panoramic dental x-rays, click here.

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