Cardinal Orthodontics patient reviews


teen braces cardinal orthodontics

Having braces in high school isn’t really a big deal because everyone has them and it’s fun to show off your teeth with all your cool colors.


I am excited about getting braces at Cardinal Orthodontics because I have seen how much my brother’s teeth have changed, and I want my teeth to be straight like his.


Dr. James, just such a nice person! So thorough, and patient with my treatment needs.

Dr. James and his team are wonderful!!!

Loved the staff, Dr. James and how my teeth turned out. Basically everything. It was a great experience with extremely nice people.

Dr. Galea was very patient with me and helped me find things to correct after my final tray. His attention to detail assured me that my teeth were in good hands.

Dr. James was wonderful, very professional and friendly. He sincerely cared that I was happy with everything, and we worked through everything step by step to assure great results.

Dr. James was very friendly and professional and answered all my questions.

Dr. James Galea was spectacular and gave me the best experience I have ever had with a dental/medical office, or any professional office for that matter. All were very kind, helpful, above and beyond with customer care/service.

Dr. James was wonderful to meet and did a great job with everything!

The orthodontic assistant and Dr. Galea were both extremely nice. My daughter really liked that they talked to her like she was grown and didn’t focus all the conversation to me.

Dr. James exceeded my expectations. He was kind, courteous, and patiently answered all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable.

My smile looks fantastic! All of the staff was very professional. Treatment was well organized. The dentist at Cardinal Orthodontic Specialists was always interested in how I thought things were going and he wanted to be sure that I was happy with my smile at the end. Thanks to all!


The orthodontist and technicians here at Cardinal Orthodontics does a spectacular job! I know that my braces will leave me with a beautiful smile and straight teeth. I thank everyone here for being so fantastic!


I was not excited at all when the orthodontist recommended braces for me! All of my other friends already had their braces on and many of them already had them off. I hadn’t lost all of my baby teeth so I was late getting them on, meaning I would have to go to high school with braces.

I really liked the orthodontists and assistants at Cardinal Orthodontic Specialists! The location was convenient for Mom to pick me up from school and go to my appointments. Everyone in the office was always kind, cheerful and willing to help. The appointments didn’t take long either. I never had to wait and I was usually out earlier than what they scheduled.

The orthodontists and assistants explained everything so my Mom and I could understand where I was in my treatment to get straight teeth, whether I was behind or ahead of schedule. I loved the colored elastics used on my brackets, they made my braces fun to wear!

All I can say is 2 years went really fast! I love my teeth!


Braces for Teens Cardinal Orthodontics

Having a pretty smile is important because your smile can impact other people. A bright smile can help others have a better day! The staff members at Cardinal Orthodontics always make me feel really special and they always have a bright smile when I come for my appointments.


My teeth are very cool!


The staff at Cardinal Orthodontics is nice!


Before I went to Cardinal Orthodontic Specialists, I rarely would smile because I was very self-conscious about my teeth and the fact that they were not straight. I would never smile or show my teeth for any reason (everyone thought I was mad all the time).

I wasn’t certain what Cardinal Orthodontic Specialists would do but I have to say I am very happy about the results. So is everyone else! I smile for a change and I definitely feel better about the way I look! Thank you!


Every year at my school there would be many photos that you had to take. I hated taking photos, not because of my looks, but because of my smile. I hated smiling. I had the worst crooked teeth; my parents couldn’t afford to give me braces.

When a family friend suggested we go to Cardinal Orthodontic Specialists, we made an appointment and came to an agreement that let my parents pay little by little, that’s how my parents were able to let me get braces. I had braces on for about 2 years.

When they finally took my braces off I couldn’t stop smiling! I finally had my perfect smile!!! I can’t wait for picture day at school. I don’t know if I can say this enough, thank you so much to the Cardinal Orthodontic Specialists team for my new and beautiful smile!!!


I wasn’t too excited to get braces, as I can imagine every patient feels. However, the first time I stepped into Cardinal, I knew that I was in good hands. The orthodontists were great and made everything as comfortable as possible. They helped immensely when I had questions or concerns.

They really cared about what I wanted and took the time to help me get straight teeth and make my smile perfect. The day I got my braces off was great; all my friends noticed and love my new smile. It was nice to know that the time and effort that the doctors and I put into the braces was worth it. I am really grateful for everything Cardinal did to make this part of growing up a little easier.


The Cardinal Orthodontic Specialists service was great! All the staff was so nice! Their braces were so easy, and pain was at a minimum. Thanks for my new smile!!!


Now that my braces are off my straight teeth look great!

– David

What a great experience I have had! I initially chose Cardinal Orthodontic Specialists because it was close to my home (I can literally walk there). The orthodontist staff is extremely friendly and they clearly explained the treatment process to get straight teeth.

I appreciate the fact that they are prompt and I rarely wait long for my check-ups. I also like that you can receive reminders of your appointments by phone calls, text messages and emails!

– Tamika

Cardinal Orthodontic Specialists is great for working adults! I have really appreciated the wide variety of available appointment times and office options provided. It’s been very easy for me to fit appointments into my overall work schedule at the office that is most convenient.

Once at the appointment, the entire staff works to use my time efficiently-getting me in and out in under an hour. I would expect an orthodontist to be sensitive to the needs of teens and pre-teens, but it’s been a very pleasant surprise to discover one that also can meet the needs of a working adult.

– Jan

Money well spent… Thanks to you and your wonderful staff for their beautiful smiles.


This was the most amazing experience ever, since I hate going to the dentist, they made me feel so at ease. I have never felt so welcome in any Doctor/Dentist office in my life. It was like walking into a family gathering. Everyone was so friendly and nice. It was just an overall warm feeling and no one could ask for more.

I would refer any and everyone that I know to this office. Bethanie in the finance office was OUTSTANDING! She went over and beyond to help since my flex card was having a hard time making it to my right address. Thanks so much to the entire office staff for a job well done.

— Delores

Amazing and friendly Staff. From the first phone call to schedule a consultation; to my son getting braces, exceeded my expectations. The staff was very knowledgeable and professional. We felt very comfortable and they were easy to talk to. I HIGHLY recommend Cardinal Orthodontics!

— Dylan

Cardinal Orthodontics exceeded my expectations; everyone is always so professional and KIND. My two sisters and I have all gotten our braces through Cardinal. We always talk about how great everyone is at your office. Everyone there was outstanding!

— Jacob

Cardinal Orthodontics is incredible. I had been told by other orthodontists that there was nothing they could to correct my bite unless I underwent drastic surgery. Cardinal Orthodontics was the only place that would even try without the surgery.

Well, 18 months later my bite is so much better than it was before. Thank you for being willing to try and for the success I now celebrate.

— Kim

Crooked mouth changed to nice! Great job!

— David

Great people to have work on your teeth!! I was a little scared when I first came in, but they all treated me so nice and made me feel comfortable. My braces never really hurt that bad. I did what they told me to do and I got my braces off in 1 year!!

So for you other kids, do what they tell you and you will get yours off quick too!! I am so happy to see my beautiful teeth! Oh yeah, I can eat better too!!!!

— Anastasia M.

Braces for Teens Cardinal Orthodontics

What I like about my Cardinal smile is knowing that when I grow up, I will have a beautiful smile.


Great Service At Cardinal Orthodontics! Cardinal Orthodontics has been a great help to me while having my braces on. Whenever I go in for my appointment the staff give great service. Specifically, Dr. James Galea has done a great job with me and helped me along the way. I am so glad I picked Cardinal Orthodontics to do my braces!

— Peymawn S.

I Love Cardinal! Every time I go to for my appointment I feel more than welcome! Lots of great people to help with great smiles! Its like having a second family they really try to make you as comfortable as possible! I would recommend them to any of my friends or family!

— Ashley

Wow! What a big change! Before I got my braces I felt as if I didn’t have a beautiful smile because my teeth were crooked and I had so many spaces between them so I came to Cardinal Orthodontics and they talked me through everything. About a year into having them, I saw a huge improvement and I became very anxious to get them off.

When they did come off and we saw the before and after pictures I couldn’t believe my eyes! It looked like two different sets of teeth. It felt so good to be able to look in the mirror and see a beautiful smile for the first time in my life!

— Mary-Ann

What a fun and caring practice! All of the staff at Cardinal Orthodontics are awesome! They remember names, greet patients (young or not so young) with a smile, and genuinely care- plus the quality of orthodontic care they give is amazing. Couldn’t imagine having my smile perfected anywhere else.

— Amber

Everyone at Cardinal Orthodontics is amazing! They are very considerate and understanding, not to mention good at what they do! I got my braces on only four months ago. My teeth are already straightening and my eye teeth have come all the way down.

They really know how to get results and they also worked with me financially. I have waited a very long time for this. An unexpected blessing is my TMJ issues have completely stopped bothering me for the first time since I was a teen.

— Penny

The staff was very friendly, informative and upfront with all aspects of the proposed treatment plan. There was no pressure to make a decision on the spot, and they allowed time for our family to think our options over before we made a definitive decision. We are confident moving forward that our son will receive excellent care.

— Michael G.

Cardinal Orthodontics has welcomed with open arms my family and I. The entire office staff and experience my family and I receive presents a feeling like we are at one of our own relatives practices. The respect and courteousness we receive at every visit is unprecedented.

If you are even remotely considering orthodontic work do yourself and your entire family a favor and visit with Cardinal. When you open the doors to the office they will open their arms to welcome you into their family, unlike any business we have found in many many years. Thank you for modeling a business practice based on respect and courteousness.

— Brooklynn L.

I always look forward to coming to my appointments! I enjoy everyone there. The staff is exceptionally nice and they always make me feel welcome. My Mom is also happy with the way everything is explained in complete detail regarding my treatment!

— Lajae

I was very nervous about seeking orthodontic treatment, but the nervousness went away after talking to the staff in your office. Everyone was friendly and comforting.

I have wanted to get braces for a long time, but I didn’t have the courage to get them. After visiting with your staff and discussing my options, I now know that my dream can now be a reality!

— Karen

cardinal orthodontics patient testimonial

I like Cardinal Orthodontics because everyone is really nice, and my braces make me feel confident! The girls really dig my braces!


Felt very comfortable, and welcomed. Gentle during pictures & evaluation, and very thorough during the consultation. I felt like I was in a very professional workplace where not only did everyone seem to know what they were doing but also seemed to have a passion for what they do.

I may be writing my review a little early, but I am pretty sure that Cardinal Orthodontics is going to continue to be just as wonderful as I begin my process for the next couple years!

— Kristen

Cardinal Orthodontics is an excellent choice for orthodontic treatment with no “hard sell/guilt-trip” pitches to make things hard on you. They are just friendly, professional and honest.

The dentist was really outstanding- friendly, professional, patient, and explained things exceptionally well-one of the nicest dentists we have ever met. We were most impressed.

— Tom

You will be very comfortable and extremely satisfied with the doctors and staff at Cardinal Specialists. The orthodontists and dental assistants are terrific – friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. Their customer service is above reproach. I actually enjoy my visits!

— Juli

I really enjoyed my experience at Cardinal Orthodontics. My teeth turned out great, I love my new smile. Thank you for taking the time to make sure everything turned out just right.

— Skyler