The Purpose of Rubber Bands in Orthodontic Treatment

Posted on February 20, 2019

Has your orthodontist recommended the use of rubber bands (elastics) in orthodontic treatment but you aren’t sure why? Rubber bands are used in orthodontics to help correct a person’s bite and jaw position. This is done by connecting the bands to hooks on your upper and lower teeth in order to properly move the alignment of your jaw.

Are Rubber Bands Removable?

Yes. Rubber bands can be taken out to eat meals, and to brush and floss your teeth. We encourage them to be worn as much as possible though, in order to see proper changes occur with your bite. At Cardinal Orthodontics, we will instruct you how to properly remove and put new rubber bands back in.

Motivation to wear Rubber Bands

Patients who are not motivated or do not wear their rubber bands enough, may be in orthodontic treatment longer than expected. This is important for patients to understand because if they are not wearing their elastics, their bite is not being corrected at the rate the orthodontist predicted. Patients at Cardinal Orthodontics are educated and constantly reminded of the importance of rubber bands and how they affect overall treatment time.

How do I know if I will need Rubber Bands?

By scheduling a consultation at one of our practices, Dr. James Galea will be able to provide you with a treatment plan free of charge. This will be your opportunity to ask any questions you have regarding your smile, and learn about all of your treatment options. Request a free exam now by visiting our website,

We now offer both in-office exams AND video exams that can be done from the comfort of your own home!

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