What You Need to Know About Wearing a Sports Mouth Guard with Braces

Posted on August 1, 2019

Mouth guards are used to protect the teeth from damage or injury in contact sports, especially for people who wear braces. Putting in your mouth guard before playing sports is going to be the most effective way to protect your braces and teeth from breakage.

A few examples of the types of permanent damage and/or tooth injury that contact sports players are at risk for when wearing braces are:

  • Chipped/broken teeth
  • Fractured tooth roots
  • Knocked out teeth
  • Deep/slow healing from cuts to the inner lips

This is why wearing a mouth guard while playing sports is extremely important – even during practice! Restorative and cosmetic dental repair can be very expensive and time consuming.

How to Care for your Sports Mouth Guard

It is important to clean your mouth guard regularly. You can do this by brushing it with a toothbrush and toothpaste, and rinsing it off with cool water. If you ever need to clean your mouth guard when you are away from home, a great default option would be to use antimicrobial dish soap.

Where can I get a sports mouth guard that will protect my braces?

At Cardinal Orthodontics, of course! We provide our patients with these at no additional cost. Our mouth guards are designed to work well without hindering your teeth from aligning throughout your treatment. Just let us know if you’re needing a mouth guard for your contact sport(s), and we will let you choose from an assortment of colors. This way, your mouth guard can match your team colors.

Boiling your mouth guard

We recommend that you avoid boiling the sport guard that we provide you with. Some people think this is necessary to help shape the guard to your teeth for a better fit, but this is not the case with the mouth guards that we provide Cardinal Orthodontics. We offer small, medium and large sizes, and promise that they are not overly thick and bulky.

Will this mouth guard work for football too?

Yes! If you play football, the mouth guard that we provide you with will have an extension on it to wrap around the helmet. If you do not play football, you can eliminate the extension by cutting it off with scissors.

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