20 Ways to Enjoy Fall in St. Louis

Posted on September 24, 2019

Looking for family outings this fall in St. Louis? Look no further! Here at Cardinal Orthodontics, we have compiled a list of our city-favorites!

Visit the St. Louis Gateway Arch

Celebrate the Arch’s recent 50th birthday! The museum under the feet of the arch, as well as the grounds, got a complete makeover. Visitors can ride to the top of the arch 630 feet up to enjoy great {fall} views of the St. Louis Riverfront, the Mississippi River and Illinois.

Fall-Favorite Parks in St. Louis

Tower Grove Park

Tower Grove Park is home to Chinese and Turkish style picnic pavilions as well as statues of Christopher Columbus and The Bard. There are beautiful walking paths as well as several lily pad ponds. Be sure to check out Cafe Madeline for an amazing brunch experience.


Enjoy an afternoon walking through this urban park with beautiful foliage. At Citygarden, you will enjoy free art and fountains spanning across two blocks in downtown St. Louis.

Enjoy an afternoon walking through this urban park with beautiful foliage. At Citygarden, you will enjoy free art and fountains spanning across two blocks in downtown St. Louis.

Upon visiting, you can download Citygarden’s free app and listen to St. Louis natives such as Sen. John Ashcroft share the stories of the sculptures.

Forest Park

Forest Park is located in the cultural heart of St. Louis. You can explore the art museum, history museum (both free) as well as the World’s Fair Pavilion. There is a boathouse restaurant where visitors can dine and rent a paddle boat to explore the small lake area.

This park is more than 1,200 acres of greenspace, making it LARGER than New York City’s Central Park!! Walk the paths or rent bikes at the welcome center to enjoy everything this park has to offer. Looking for somewhere to go this fall in St. Louis? Forest Park might be your answer!

Jewel Box

The Jewel Box is a greenhouse located in Forest Park. It now serves as a horticultural facility and is listed on the national registry of historical places. It was built in 1936 and hosts many events throughout the year. The Jewel Box is open to the public on a daily basis and is very often used as a wedding venue.

St. Louis Zoo

The St. Louis zoo is also found at Forest park! While there, we encourage you to visit this amazing 90 acre zoo that is home to more than 600 animal species. This includes bears, lions, penguins, cheetahs, etc. There is also a children’s zoo space where kids can pet/feed baby animals!

Union Station

St. Louis’ Union Station was once the busiest, most beautiful train stations in America. The gem inside was the “Grand Hall” that was constructed with high vaulted ceilings and stain glass windows. This destination is now a great place to start your evening off in St. Louis by grabbing a bite to eat and drink.

St. Louis Museums

St. Louis Art Museum

In 1904, this beautiful building was built for the world’s fair exhibition. The St. Louis Art Museum showcases ancient Greek sculptures as well as classic American art. We recommend stopping in for lunch at Panorama to enjoy a delicious lunch after touring the Museum.

City Museum

The City Museum is a surprising museum in St. Louis that is like none other. The museum showcases the city’s discarded parts. Here, you will see abandoned planes, chimneys, old school buses, bank vaults, and so much more! It is a 600,000 square foot building that was formerly a shoe company’s warehouse.

The space was acquired by Bob Cassilly, who envisioned turning the space into “a city within a city”. He wanted this to be a funhouse that showcased art. Here you can crawl through fake caves, and slide down floor chutes that plummet ten stories down the building. You can even experience the thrill of driving a school bus that is hanging over the edge of the museum. Fun for all ages!

St. Louis Science Center

Founded as a planetarium in 1963 is a collection of buildings including a science museum that houses over 700 interactive experiences and exhibits. The planetarium is your gateway to the stars- the exterior of the McDonnell Planetarium is illuminated every night for all to enjoy. The star projector stimulates the most realistic night sky on the 24 meter dome.

Landmark’s Tivoli Theater

This theater was built in 1924 and shows both classic films and modern day hits. The marquee is something to see! Inside you can browse vintage posters while sipping a glass of wine before the show starts.

Busch Stadium

Home of the world famous St. Louis Cardinal‘s baseball team. Here you will find fans all dressed in red cheering on their favorite hometown team! Enjoy some barbecue, fried cannelloni, toasted ravioli, and of course, Anheuser Busch beverages while cheering on the Cardinals.

Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tour

Speaking of Anheuser-Busch, don’t forget to tour the local brewery located right next to the Anheuser-Busch world headquarters (founded in 1852). During this tour, you will have the opportunity to see the stable that housed the famous Clydesdale horses, the lager cellar, brew house, and bevo packaging plant. The cost of this tour is free of charge for guests 21 or older. Beer samples, soda, and snacks are all provided.

Ballpark Village

This entertainment complex is neighbor to Busch Stadium. On game days, the high energy spills out from the game to the bars and restaurants in ballpark village. Even during the fall in St. Louis, fans gather to watch other sporting events such as soccer, or our own Stanley Cup Champion, the St. Louis Blues! Here you can watch your favorite sporting event on a 40 foot LED screen!

Ted Drewes Frozen Custard

Ted Drewes is arguably the BEST frozen custard in the whole city! Ted Drewes was founded in 1929 and is family owned and operated. The frozen treat is made on site and can be served as a sundae with toppings of your choice. Another popular option is the “concrete”, which is so thick it can be turned upside down.

Ted Drewes is a St. Louis favorite all year round; they even sell Christmas trees during the holiday season! What better way to pick out a family tree than with frozen custard in hand?

Moonrise Hotel

Looking for a unique, enjoyable stay while visiting St. Louis? Look no further than the Moonrise Hotel located in the Delmar loop. The decor is mid 60’s design with a funky, fun style. In the evening, make your way up to the rooftop restaurant/bar where you can relax, stargaze and “moon” watch.

St. Louis Walk of Fame

Also found in the Delmar loop, is the St. Louis walk of fame. Stroll along each side of Delmar boulevard and check out the famous people from St. Louis. You will see starts like Tina Turner, Maya Angelou, Phyillis Diller, Kevin Kline, Chuck Berry, etc.

Pappy’s Smokehouse

You can smell the scent of woodsmoke barbecued meats from blocks away! There are long lines daily at Pappy’s Smokehouse, where folks are more than willing to wait an hour or more for the delicious BBQ they serve. The team here at Cardinal Orthodontics recommends the following:

  • Slow roasted pulled pork
  • Rack of Ribs
  • Fried Corn on the Cob

Grants Farm

Grants Farm opened to the public in 1954. The historic 281 acre property is part of the Busch family estate. More than 25 million people have visited the South St. Louis county farm in the last 61 years. While there, you can enjoy feeding goats with baby bottles, take a camel ride, and watch a bird show that includes several species including a bald eagle. Other perks to visiting Grants Farm include:

  • Free beer if you are of age
  • Touring many antique carriages
  • Walking through the horse stables to see the Clydesdale horses!

Missouri Botanical Garden

Explore a domed greenhouse called the Climatron as well as 79 acres of all kinds of specialty gardens and flowers. There are great walking paths and a beautiful Japanese garden highlighted with a gorgeous waterfall. At certain days or times, you are also able to tour the house of Henry Shaw, the founder of the garden.

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