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Posted on August 17, 2022

When searching for the best orthodontist in St. Louis, look no further than the community’s favorite, Cardinal Orthodontics! Dr. James Galea and the team at Cardinal Orthodontics have a passion for helping adults and children achieve their orthodontic goals through braces and Invisalign.

Why Cardinal Orthodontics is the Best Orthodontist in St. Louis

When searching for the best orthodontist in St. Louis, remember to choose someone who will listen to your smile goals, and help you achieve those in a reasonable amount of time. The first appointment at Cardinal Orthodontics is free of charge and all about YOU. This new exam can be done in one of our convenient St. Louis locations, or through a video call with our orthodontist. Before leaving your new patient appointment, you will have all questions answered so you can make the best decision for you and your smile. To schedule a free new exam, or learn more about video exams, click here.

Conservative Approach to Orthodontic Treatment

Braces Only Once

The entire team at Cardinal Orthodontics understands that the health of your teeth is just as important as how straight they are. This is why we do limited first phase orthodontic treatment so most patients only have to wear braces once! Brushing and flossing while in orthodontic treatment can be challenging. The longer that brackets and wires are in the mouth, the higher the chance of tooth decay and cavities forming. Our goal is to limit the amount of time patients undergo orthodontic treatment without compromising the end result. 

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends your child be seen for an orthodontic evaluation at age 7. In our office, this does not mean we will start treatment that soon. Ideally, we choose to get the child started with braces or Invisalign once all baby teeth are gone. Our annual growth check appointments for kids are free of charge and allow us to monitor their growth at no cost to you. 

No Palatal Expanders

Many orthodontists are adamant about using expanders in young children to help broaden their smile. At Cardinal, our brackets and wires allow us to achieve this result without having to use this pesky appliance that most parents and children hate.

Free Retainers for Life

Cardinal Orthodontics believes in giving patients a smile that will last a lifetime. This is why at our office every patient receives FREE RETAINERS FOR LIFE! That’s right. We understand that life happens and retainers can get thrown away or lost very easily. As one of our patients, you will never have to worry about being without a retainer and your teeth shifting back to their original position.

Multiple Treatment Options

Patient’s at Cardinal Orthodontics have multiple options when it comes to how they want to straighten their smile.

  1. Metal Braces
  2. Clear Braces
  3. Invisalign

Regardless of which option you choose, braces and Invisalign are the exact same price at Cardinal Orthodontics. At your new patient appointment, our doctor will go over all three of these orthodontic options with you to see what route will suite you best. Traditionally, many kids and teens would opt for braces, while parents chose Invisalign. However, Invisalign has recently become a very popular choice among teens!

Convenient Locations In St. Louis

Cardinal Orthodontics has two convenient St. Louis locations, Rock Hill and Ballwin, MO. While some patients choose to be seen in the closest office to their home, others appreciate the ability to travel to either location depending on their work/school schedule.

Having more than one location has allowed Cardinal Orthodontics to be the best orthodontist in St. Louis in regards to scheduling.

It’s never too late to improve your smile! Give yourself the confidence you’ve always wanted by choosing Cardinal Orthodontics to help guide you through your smile journey. Call our office today to schedule your free exam appointment! 314-962-6242

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