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Posted on April 3, 2019

Permanent (bonded) Retainers

The topic of permanent retainers is a very popular one that is frequently asked by patients and patients’ parents. At Cardinal Orthodontics, we only recommend permanent retainers when…

  1. patient started treatment with severe crowding or spacing on the upper/lower anterior teeth
  2. patient started treatment with an open bite or tongue thrust

Although these particular cases are when we bond permanent retainers the most, we are still more than happy to provide this service if requested by the patient or patient’s parent.

Cons of Permanent Retainers:

  • Only retain the teeth that they’re glued to
  • Can come loose or even break. If you are unaware that your retainer is loose, your teeth can quickly begin to shift.
  • May require unnecessary added trips to the office for repair if broken.
  • Not covered under our Free Clear Retainers for Life policy. Glue replacement costs $25 and a full replacement $100 per arch.
  • Difficult to keep clean.

Pros of Permanent Retainers:

  • Permanent retainers ensure tooth alignment and bite retention for the teeth they’re bonded to.
  • If you forget to wear your clear retainers over them at night, your teeth are less likely to shift.

The most important thing to remember once you get your braces off is that the purpose of your retainer is to maintain the position of your teeth. Although some shifting or relapse of an individuals teeth is normal, wearing the removable or bonded retainers as prescribed by your orthodontist will keep this to a minimum.

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